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What is the best way to get the current visitors session id in Kohana v3? session_id() doesn't seem to work and only returns null for me..

At the moment Im using cookie::get('session'), but that doesn't work on the first time you access the site, which I need to do.

I know you could do $this->session->id() in Kohana v2, but that doesn't seem to exist in KO3...


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Typically you use any of these 3 session type: Native, Cookie, Database.

For cookie, I believe you don't have session id. Even if you call Session::instance()->regenerate() when using cookie as session type, it will only return NULL.

For native, you should be able to get the ID when generating it by Session::instance()->regenerate() which returns the session id.

For database, Session_Database has protected $_session_id where session id is stored. You may want to extend that class and write your own getter.

Hope that helps.

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Kohana have wrapper class for sessions. That class is called Session. Kohana allows multiple ways to store session data using multiple drivers such as memcached. I am using native way to store session data, that is default if you don't make any config changes via config/session.php I have looked kohana code for native session and found that this will give session id


It works for me. hope it works for you as well!

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To increase the quality of your post please include how/why your answer will solve the problem. –  0x7fffffff Oct 3 '12 at 0:42
Thanks. I explained. –  hridayesh Dec 3 '12 at 8:41

From looking at the source on GitHub, I can't seem to find a method for returning the id.

However, session_id() is used for the native driver, so perhaps it should work in your case.

Perhaps if you call session_regenerate_id() first?

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If you're using the database driver then the cookie will hold the session id.

On the other hand it seems to be no direct way to get the session id. As how @SyaZ suggested, you should extend the session class and write your own getter method.

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