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I'm using QT 4.6 on Linux and Windows, and on Linux, it insists on including my QScrollPane by qscrollpane.h

HEADERS += widgets/QScrollPane.h 

The section from mainform.ui

<widget class="QScrollPane" name="ListView">
 <property name="geometry">

The ui_mainform.h file:

 #include <QtGui/QStatusBar>
 #include <QtGui/QTabWidget>
 #include <QtGui/QWidget>
 #include <qscrollpane.h>

This isn't a big deal on Windows or Mac, but on Linux it's downright annoying. I could create a symlink to solve the issue, but I want to find the root cause.

Regards, -Chris

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You need to provide more info about your custom widget. Add the following to your mainform.ui:

  <extends>QWidget or whatever class is QScrollPane parent</extends>

Should do the trick (disclaimer: tested only on Windows Qt 4.6.1).

I prefer using all lowercase filenames for my classes - I'm always 100% sure I won't be screwed up by some non 100% cross-platform tool.

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good advice on the lowercase filenames. I'm considering that. – Chris Kaminski May 5 '10 at 16:28

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