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I havin a reg ex problemm i would like to have a reg ex that will match the '\nGO at the end of my file(see below.) I have got the following so far:


but its match the quote sysbol?


WHERE     (dbo.Property.Archived <> 1)
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In Perl \Z matches the end of the string, totally ignoring line breaks. Use this to match GO on the last line of a file if the file is loaded into a string:


POSIX regex uses \' instead of \Z.

To match exactly the newline and then the word GO in your example, you want this:


You can also do this:


This last regular expression will match what you want in your example, but the .* part will make it so there can be anything (or nothing) in between the newline and GO.

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Ah thats working a treat thank you very much. – Farhan May 5 '10 at 16:36
@Farhan: Then you should accept Babak's answer – Jan Goyvaerts May 6 '10 at 10:08

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