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Overall debugging works, but each step through code takes dosens of seconds. I've already closed all additional windows like stack trace,watches,autos; deleted all breakpoints.

server and dev machine are located in different domains, so i set up local user on both, with matching password. remote debugger is running as service.

looking at security log, I found quite a lot of entries about remote debugging account logging in (record about every minute).

Any suggestions on how i can speed up remote debugging?

dev computer: quad core, 8 Gb mem, win 7 x64 , visual studio 2010 ultimate target server: website , 2xdual core xeon, 2Gb mem, remote debugger 2010 communication channel: vpn , 5 mbit , latency about 20ms. (seems that debbugging never uses more than 20 kb/s)

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I'm seeing this too. I've got a fast VPN connection, fast enough that doing remote desktop to the server runs like a champ. But remote debugging is unusable. 5+ seconds to do a simple "Step Over". – mhenry1384 Jul 29 '11 at 2:21

Identify first the overall response times. It may be a little bit low level, but get wireshark and monitor communication between both servers. That way you will know if debugging is slow because of your network and will give you a starting point.

Turn off active mode, else you may raise a few alarms in your network. I used it to debug communication between our WFE and a FAST query server and we detected where the problem was.

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This could be caused by an overactive firewall.

If you can, just to test, disable your firewall on both boxes and see if your performance increases at all.

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