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Im using smarty and mysql_real_escape_string() for user input, and when I insert some code with ' or " , and lookup in phpmyadmin it shows without backslashes.

When I get record from DB i doesn't have backslashes also. But when I just pass escaped string without inserting into the db it is backslashed.

Shouldn't it add slashes, insert with them and then I would strip them when i would output? Or am I missing something?

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You're missing it - escaping with backslashes is meant to ensure that queries aren't malformed, e.g. something like this will surely break and possibly risk SQL injections:

insert into table values ('whatever 'this' is')

and nothing will be saved in the table, whereas this:

insert into table values ('whatever \'this\' is')

will save the value "whatever 'this' is" in the table.

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Ohhh, i got it.Thank you. –  Chris Nov 10 '08 at 11:15
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