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Hi I have been trying to do this for what feels like all my life

I have a list menu with block display links, each link has a sliding doors png background image. I have used this javascript ( to implement the alphaimageloader fix for ie6 using a transparent gif.

When I test it for the first time it works but if I click to a different page and then click back it doesn't work anymore - the menu completely disappears, I can get it to work again by duplicating the transparent gif and changing it's name, but again if I go to another page and then come back to it, it stops working and the menu dissappears.

Is this a server caching issue or something like that.

Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated!


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Don't forget to accept the correct answer! ;-) – PhiLho Nov 10 '08 at 18:31

If its caching then maybe the AJAX trick could do. Create random number each time the code is executed and add it to the transparent gif url.
so in file pngHover.js:

transparentImage = '/j/transparent.gif';

would be

transparentImage = '/j/transparent.gif?143253214';

To get random number in js google it, it will give you plenty./

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