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I am trying to create a collection_select that is dependent on another collection_select, following the railscasts episode #88..

The database includes a schedule of all cruise ships arrival dates. See attached schema diagram,... (The arrow side of the lines indicate has_many, the non-pointy side indicates belongs_to)

In the "booking/new" view I have a collection_select for choosing a cruiseline, then another collection_select will appear for selecting a ship, then another for selecting the date that ship is in. If I ONLY put a collection_select for shipshedule it works fine(because of the direct association with the bookings model). However, if I try to add a collection_select for cruiselines....it breaks(Im assuming because their isnt a direct association).

The collection_select for cruiselines returns an undefined method error for "cruiseline_id".....if I simply use "id" the collection_select works, but of course isnt fully functional due to incorrect naming of the form field.

I have tried "has_many :shipschedules, :through => :cruiseships" in the cruiseline model and "has_many :bookings, :through => :shipschedules" in the cruiseships model...

As you can see in the diagram, I need to access the cruiseships and cruiselines model through the bookings model. I have the models set up so a cruiseline has_many cruiseships, a cruiseship has_many shipschedules, and a shipschedule has_many bookings. But, the bookings model cant directly access the cruiseline model.

How do I accomplish this?


http://www.adamstockland.com/common/images/RoRf/PastedGraphic-2.png http://www.adamstockland.com/common/images/RoRf/PastedGraphic-1.png

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I don't see a schema diagram. –  Colin Curtin May 5 '10 at 21:21
How are you populating @cruiselines and @shipschedule in the controller? –  concept47 May 6 '10 at 4:54

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