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this is my function which converts pdf to png image, it's throwing an error on this line--> stream.WriteTo(Response.OutputStream); Is there some thing wrong??

protected void CreatePngFromPdf() 


                string PDFLocation = string.Format(@"\\XXXX\{0}\{1}\{2}.pdf", Yr, Loc.Substring(0, 4), Loc.Substring(4, 4));
                Utilities.WebPDF.PDF WebPDF = new DocuvaultMVC.Utilities.WebPDF.PDF();

                WebPDF.Credentials = new NetworkCredential(@"xyz", "xyz");
                byte[] png = WebPDF.StreamPdfPageAsPngResize(PDFLocation,PageNumber, 612, 792);

                MemoryStream ms = new MemoryStream(png);
                MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream();
                int newWidth = 612;
                int newHeight = 792;
                System.Drawing.Image newImg = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(ms);

                Bitmap temp = new Bitmap(newWidth, newHeight, newImg.PixelFormat);
                Graphics newImage = Graphics.FromImage(temp);
                newImage.DrawImage(newImg, 0, 0, newWidth, newHeight);

                temp.Save(stream, ImageFormat.Png);
            catch (Exception ex)
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Oh my, this is going to leak handles if an exception is thrown :-) You should really consider using using when working with disposable resources such as streams and GDI+ objects. – Darin Dimitrov May 5 '10 at 21:25
Pinu, some details on the Exception would help. Also the context where this is called. (ASPX or ASHX, which event?) The code itself is basically OK, except for the comment @Darin makes. – Henk Holterman May 5 '10 at 21:32
@Darin , I dint get you , can you give me an example of how i can use this with using? – Pinu May 6 '10 at 15:49
@Pinu, what exact exception are you getting? What is DocuvaultMVC.Utilities.WebPDF? – Darin Dimitrov May 6 '10 at 16:02
It's a reference to the webservice that i am using – Pinu May 6 '10 at 16:08

This is not directly relevant to your problem, but I got the same exception when doing something else, so I thought I'd put that answer here for posterity...

I got this exception merely when the homepage was rendering, rather than when going to the relevant controller action.

Much head-scratching ensues, until I realise that I've used Html.Action (which runs the action and emits the HTML inline) rather than Url.Action (which generates the URL).

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+1. Had the same error. This fixed it for me. – Ben May 18 '12 at 23:52
Yes! thanks - for anyone who would like to stick with @Html helper - you can also use @Html.ActionLink(xxx) – Rick Oct 6 '15 at 8:59

In my case the reason was wrong argument in Controller.File method.

Controller.File method with third parameter as null will render the image in the browser window:

public ActionResult GenerateImage(...)
    return File(fileResult.Buffer, fileResult.ContentType, null);

Controller.File method with third parameter as filename will trigger downloading of the image in the browser:

public ActionResult GenerateImage(...)
    return File(fileResult.Buffer, fileResult.ContentType, "image.jpg");

Controller.File method with third parameter as extension will cause the error: OutputStream is not available when a custom TextWriter is used

public ActionResult GenerateImage(...)
    return File(fileResult.Buffer, fileResult.ContentType, ".jpg");
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