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I've been using Scala 2.8RC1 and Scala Eclipse plugin for 2.8 RC1 happily for a few days. However, last night after adding a couple jar files to my environment (apache http client jars) the debugger just stopped stopping at breakpoints in scala code.

Java code stops fine at breakpoints. I tried creating a new mimimal scala app breakpoints don't stop. I've tried switching to sun-jre- from the openjdk-1.6.18 I had been using. I've switched to the scala 2.8 nightly and also eclipse plugin for scala nightly builds. No luck.

I would greatly appreciate ideas for fixes. Rather frustrating as the initial experience with 2.8 was really great.

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Says that scala eclipse plugin doesn't stop at breakpoints if you're class is in the default package (no package)

Adding a package and moving my class to it - make the debugger start working again.

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Just to note that this has now been fixed. – Matt R Jun 7 '10 at 9:17
If this was fixed, it's made a comeback. Sept 2014 and I just encountered this issue, and my Scala IDE is a fresh download – Hamy Sep 18 '14 at 22:31

It's possible that you've discovered a bug in the Scala tooling for Eclipse. The best place to take the issue is the scala-ide-user list here,

If you're already sure that you've found a bug you can find instructions for opening a ticket here,

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I've just encountered this problem. Code is not in default package. I'm getting a warning about missing line numbers, but apparently that bug has been fixed and I can ignore the warning, per

It did seem to stop at breakpoints in the main file, though.

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