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I currently have an application which uses a regular ListView with groups to show a bunch of modules.

I would like to use a Category view. Category view is the new view introduced in Windows Vista for the Control Panel:

Windows 7 Control Panel

Is there a third party control or a way (via API) to create a ListView which mimics the behavior of the Windows 7 Control Panel?

  • Categories with icons and action links.
  • Separate events for Category Click and Action Click.
  • One or two column layout
  • Separators between action links or lines

EDIT: Seems like Windows is using a TreeView (SysTreeView32) control internally for this.

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Please read: chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/20590/… –  NullUserException Dec 4 '12 at 21:39

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It's not a ListView, not a TreeView, its the enigmatic DirectUIHWnd. Been around a long time, back to XP's Welcome screen. Still not documented.

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So basically I'm stuck creating a UserControl to replicate this behavior? Spy++ shows a SysTreeView32 beneath that DirectUIHwnd. –  Andrew Moore May 6 '10 at 1:24

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