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Suppose I have a table like so:

    <tr><td class="this-is-a-label">Label Cell</td></tr>
    <tr><td>Detail 1</td></tr>
    <tr><td class="selected">Detail 2</td></tr>

I want to be able to grab the previous "Label Cell" from the "Selected" cell.

My jQuery script should be something like:

$('.selected').each(function() {
    var label = $(this).parent().prev('tr td.this-is-a-label');
    //... do what I need with the label ...

But it's not working.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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You can do this:

$('.selected').each(function() {
  var label = $(this).closest('tr').prevAll('tr:has(td.this-is-a-label):first')
  //... do what I need with the label ...

This isn't ideal though, it's a rather expensive DOM traversal, if you can guarantee it's always 2 rows behind, you can do this:


...which is much faster, it just depends what assumptions and guarantees you can make about your markup, if there are any certainties, you can definitely make it faster.

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Yes it's rather expensive, but it's necessary. Unfortunately there aren't any guarantees. Thank you for your help. –  theShingles May 6 '10 at 17:15

How about:

var label = 
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Here's how you get references to both the <tr> and <td> dom elements:

$("tr:has(td.selected)").each(function(i, trSel){
    var trLabel = $(trSel).prevAll("tr:has(td.this-is-a-label)").get(0);

    var tdSel = $(trSel).children("td.selected").get(0);
    var tdLabel = $(trLabel).children("td.this-is-a-label").get(0);

    console.log(trSel, tdSel);
    console.log(trLabel, tdLabel);
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I created a little plugin in response to this post for the purpose of finding a cell which is relative to the current cell:

$.fn.cellFromCell = function(r,c,upOrDown) {
    if(upOrDown == 'down') {
        return $(this).parent().prevAll(':eq(' + r + ')').find('td:eq(' + c + ')').text();
    } else {
        return $(this).parent().nextAll(':eq(' + r + ')').find('td:eq(' + c + ')').text();

alert($('.selected').cellFromCell(1, 0, 'down')); // alerts "Label Cell"
alert($('.this-is-a-label').cellFromCell(0, 0)); // alerts "Detail 1"

I used your html for a simple test case. You can mess with it here: http://jsfiddle.net/6kfVL/3/

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