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I'm trying to detect when the onresize event ends in a browser. If I use the "onresize" event, in Firefox it seems to be fired only once, after the resize event ends, which is exactly what I want. But if I try in IE, the "onresize" event gets fired many times during the resize.

I also try the "onresizeend" event, advertised in MSDN. But it does not seem to get fired at all, neither in FF, nor in IE. I use the following code:

    	function doLog(message)
    		document.getElementById("log").innerHTML += "<br/>" + message;

    	function doResize()
    		doLog("plain resize");

    	function doResizeEnd()
    		doLog("resize end");
    	#log {
    		width: 400px;
    		height: 600px;
    		overflow: auto;
    		border: 1px solid black;
    <body onresize="doResize();" onresizeend="doResizeEnd();">
    	<div id="log"/>

Any ideas why this does not work? Maybe the "onresizeend" event is not supported? In this case, how can I detect when the resize event has ended?


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From MSDN onresizeend()

Only content editable objects can be included in a control selection. You can make objects content editable by setting the contentEditable property to true or by placing the parent document in design mode.

That explains why it's not firing for you. I suspect you don't want to enable contentEditable, so why not set a timer.

var resizeTimer = 0;
function doResize()
    if (resizeTimer)

    resizeTimer = setTimeout(doResizeEnd, 500);

It's not perfect but hopefully will be good enough.

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Was about to post the same :) – Paul Whelan Nov 10 '08 at 13:19
Good answer. Note that clearTimeout(x) does not in fact change the boolean value of x, which will therefore return true whether or not it has been cleared; clearTimeout can also be passed anything without error. if (resizeTimer) is therefore redundant here. – Benji XVI Jun 15 '11 at 18:16

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