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I have an iPhone application that posts data to a web application ... and I want to only accept data posted from an iPhone application that was purchased from the iTunes store.

Is there a way to do this? Is there something (or somethings) I can pass from the iPhone app to the web application that I can use to do such verification?

Thanks much

btw, using the asihttprequest library to handle requests/responses.

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As far as I know, Apple doesn't provide any information about who purchased your app. That said, there are a few ways to detect if a device is jailbroken, or if your app was cracked. So, your app could detect that and pass that information to your server.

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I don't need to know WHO purchased it ... just that the post is coming from a purchased application. –  wgpubs May 6 '10 at 3:14

Have you consider using iTunes Store's in-app purchasing to handle the payment?


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You could generate some kind of checksum/hash which you thenvalidate on the server, e.g.


In this example the hash is just the sum of the digits in the timestamp but you'd probably want to use something a bit more secure.

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