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TLDR I want to rotate a Feature in my open layers.
I want it to face a certain heading that I am receiving from server.

I know that you can make a feature spin on a point or so on:

window.setInterval(function() {rotateFeature(
       pointFeature, 360 / 20, origin)}, 100);

as from the open layers example.

But I want to be able to face it towards a heading I am given, so.

  1. Can I face a feature towards a heading?
  2. Can I face a feature(image) in the same way?
  3. If not is it possible to automatically calculate the rotation required and position it that way?
  4. Or any ideas on how I could do this with the image? (hoping not to have 360 images)

An example or such would be appreciated :D

Thanks in advance.

No luck so far using:

      window.setInterval(function() {rotateFeature(
        imagefeature, 150 / 360, origin)}, 1000);
        function rotateFeature(feature, angle, origin) {
            feature.geometry.rotate(angle, origin);

Where origin is the centeroid of the image object.

Any ideas code side?

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I want to rotate the Image by the "heading" I am given. – Sphvn May 14 '10 at 4:05
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You can use images / icons to represent vector points e.g.

Uses this png file alt text You should then be able to rotate the point as in the other example. You can rotate to any angle:

rotate: function(angle,origin)

Rotate a point around another. Parameters

angle {Float} Rotation angle in degrees (measured counterclockwise from the positive x-axis)

origin {OpenLayers.Geometry.Point} Center point for the rotation

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Thanks for the info. But if I were to rotate a single point(image) do I have to rotate it around based on another point or can i base it on itself and rotate it that way? – Sphvn May 10 '10 at 7:40
The origin parameter can be any point. To use the centroid of the vector feature (if it is a point the centroid will be the point) use:… – geographika May 10 '10 at 10:27

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