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i want to install SharePoint 2010 in my system.but my system is 32-bit where SharePoint 2010 is 64-bit.So can we use Virtual PC to use SharePoint 2010 in my System.is it Possible ?

Please tell me how can i use SharePoint 2010 in my 32-bit System?

thanks in advance.

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SharePoint 2010 is not available in 32 bits. You need a 64 bits system (Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista / 7).

Virtual Server can not virtualise 64 bits system, so you need to switch to HyperV (require Windows Server), VMWare or Virtual Box (can be used on client OS).

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SharePoint 2010 is 64-bit only. New for developers in 2010, you can run it on a 64-bit windows desktop. I am running SP2010 on my Windows 7 development pc and it works great.

SharePoint 2010 is supported on x64-bit Vista (SP1 or SP2) and x64-bit Windows 7. Here is the setup/configuration link on MSDN. Dev Environment Setup - MSDN

The desktop/developer setup is a bit painful. It took me about 90 minutes to get it fully working including downloading and installing hotfixes and required components.

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