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I have downloaded and setup umbraco on IIS 7.5. I got a 404 page error when I tried running umbraco with Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition.

Here is the error:

Server Error in '/umbraco4' Application. HTTP Error 404 - Not Found. Version Information: ASP.NET Development Server

umbraco4 is the webroot directory where I have setup umbraco

I don't have experience working with .net

Any help will be appreciated.


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Have you set the Default document in IIS 7.5?

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Unfortunately, Umbraco can't yet be installed in a virtual directory, which seems to have been what you did. Try to run the web platform installer again and leave the application name blank (this is what creates the virtual directory).

Some more information, if you still have problems, can be found in this thread on the Umbraco forum (skip past the first few posts by "sukumarraju").

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