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Ok, here is my question: In javascript you can declare a variable and if it's undefined you can apply variable == undefined, I know that but how can you compare a value that you dont know yet if it's in the CPU memory. I have a class which is created when the user clicks a button. Before this the class is undefined, it doesn't exist anywhere so how can I compare it?

Is there a way without using try{}catch(e){}?

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The best way is to check the type, because undefined/null/false are a tricky thing in JS. So:

if(typeof obj !== "undefined") {
    // obj is a valid variable, do something here.

Note that typeof always returns a string, and doesn't generate an error if the variable doesn't exist at all.

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make that if(typeof obj !== "undefined") {} and it's perfect (notice second equals sign) –  Raveren Jun 11 '12 at 14:33
if (obj === undefined)
    // Create obj

If you are doing extensive javascript programming you should get in the habit of using === and !== when you want to make a type specific check.

Also if you are going to be doing a fair amount of javascript, I suggest running code through JSLint http://www.jslint.com it might seem a bit draconian at first, but most of the things JSLint warns you about will eventually come back to bite you.

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+1 for going with jslint and comparing directly to undefined –  Ascherer Jan 14 '13 at 17:51
There's also jshint –  Martin Jun 26 at 18:01
What is one situation where a thing which is not undefined would == undefined? –  Jesse Dhillon Sep 19 at 19:56
if (document.getElementById('theElement')) // do whatever after this

For undefined things that throw errors, test the property name of the parent object instead of just the variable name - so instead of:

if (blah) ...


if (window.blah) ...
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!undefined is true in javascript, so if you want to know whether your variable or object is undefined and want to take actions, you could do something like this:

if(<object or variable>) {
     //take actions if object is not undefined
} else {
     //take actions if object is undefined
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thanks for you time but, I this case if you try to compare an undeclared variable you are going get a error throw saying you haven't declare the variable... so is impossible to compare it... so is why you need to transform the type of the variable in a string format in a way to compare it successfully example if( type of myundeclaredvarible == "undefined") //do something best nahum @Rahul Panday –  ncubica Jul 6 '11 at 20:06
you already edited the last one is quite cool never seen before thanks :) –  ncubica Nov 15 '11 at 19:52
if (!obj) {
    // object (not class!) doesn't exist yet
else ...
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