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How do I instruct Nant to tell MySql to run ddl scripts from a particular location and then run other scripts as instructed?

Google let me to many sites which unfortunately do not work...

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I use a nant script to recreate mysql stored procedures from files stored on a "procedures" folder. My Nant target looks like:

<target name="migrate-storeds" description="Creates stored procedures">
    <echo message="Creating Stored Procedures"/>
    <foreach item="File" property="filename">
            <include name="procedures\*.sql"></include>
        <echo message="filename ${filename}"/>
        <exec program="${mysql.path}\mysql"
            commandline='--host=${database.server} --user=${database.user} --password=${database.pwd} ${database.name} -e "source ${filename}"'/>
    <echo message="Procedures created succesfully"/>
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You should be able to run scripts ddl against MySql using the <sql> task in the NAntContrib project. <sql> requires an OLEDB connection, and as far as I can tell MySql supports this.

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