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Skype has an inbuilt function where iTunes playback is paused and resumed automatically when a call comes in. It would be nice to have something similar for Spotify. Both provide a python API so this would seem the obvious route to go down.

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I've had a stab at doing this in python. It runs in the background as a daemon, pausing/resuming spotify when a call comes. It uses the Python libraries for Skype & Spotify:


import Skype4Py
import time
from pytify import Spotify

# Create Skype object
skype = Skype4Py.Skype()

# Create Spotify object
spotify = Spotify()
spotifyPlaying = spotify.isPlaying()

# Create handler for when Skype call status changes
def on_call_status(call, status):
  if status == Skype4Py.clsInProgress:
    # Save current spotify state
    global spotifyPlaying
    spotifyPlaying = spotify.isPlaying()

    if spotify.isPlaying():
      print "Call started, pausing spotify"
      # Call started, pause Spotify

  elif status == Skype4Py.clsFinished:
    # Call finished, resume Spotify if it was playing
    if spotifyPlaying and not spotify.isPlaying():
      print "Call finished, resuming spotify"

skype.OnCallStatus = on_call_status

while True:
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