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I'm using rsync(with Cygwin) to sync 2 local folder The folder contains binary files

I'm using the following command

rsync.exe -av dir1/ dir2/

but the files in dir2 where only partially update, there are few different files

does anybody know of a problem with rsync on windows? should i use some other flags


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Best of over at super user for this sort of question. –  thecoshman May 10 '10 at 7:00

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i am use rsync.exe with

rsync.exe -vrt dir1/ dir2/

and at first dir1 is :

new text.txt
new text 2.txt

and first of all dir2 is empty, maybe, not should create even. At the end dir2 is

new text.txt
new text 2.txt
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rsync will skip files that have the same size and modification date. If you suspect this might be the problem, try adding the -I (or --ignore-times) option to the command-line.

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