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The following page has white (left) and dark gray (right) background. I checked the CSS and it has a white background image and color: #FFF. I can't figure out how did he archived that.

How to do that?


(If you enlarge the web browser both colors enlarge themselves too.)

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He has a huge backgroundimage on the html tag:

html {
  background: url("images/bg.gif") repeat scroll center top #FFFFFF;

Check the image:


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It's done with a really long BG image. Set that as the html background and position your divs accordingly :)

html {
background:#FFFFFF url(images/bg.gif) repeat scroll center top;
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The background gif is 3000px wide. Half white, half dark grey.

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It will work perfectly fine at any resolution.

    background:url("img/home_page_bg.gif") repeat scroll center top #fff;
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