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I have recently become interested in implementing a basic x86 virtual machine. I think that it would be one the best ways to completely understand the way the x86 architecture works.

Other than the code base of open source VMMs like bochs, QEMU, kvm, or xen, what resources would you recommend that I look into to get started?

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Thanks to Johannes Trushnigg (truschnigg.info) for suggesting that I look into the source code of lguest (lguest.ozlabs.org), which is simple enough to be a good starting point. –  ali01 May 6 '10 at 9:28

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While looking at the simple hypervisor seems very interesting, I would recommend you start even simpler, by just writing your assembled instructions directly to the bootsector of a disk image (i.e. a bootloader, just not necessarily one that loads another OS). This way you get to start in "real mode", with access to all privileged instructions. I found the best place to start was here: MikeOS handbook. It gives you everything you need to get started in just a few minutes, but also goes on to provide a fully working operating system.

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