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Can i make jscrollpne such that parent pane doesnot scroll even when child scroll has reached its bottom. Now when child scrolling reaches bottom scrolling of parent occurs. I want parent to scroll only when mouse is out of child scrollpane.

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Would not mind to know the answer to this one myself. –  Atorian Jan 15 '11 at 16:12

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You could use event.preventDefault()

$('.selector').mousewheel(function(event) {
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The behaviour you describe is by design. This is how the native browser scrollbars behave on an element which has overflow: auto. I wouldn't recommend changing it. However, if you wish to then Borgenk's answer is correct, you can use this code:


See an example here (you may need to shrink your window so the parent has any need to scroll): http://jsfiddle.net/VYcDZ/51/

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Ran into this problem tonight... saw no one had the answer so i wrote it up

var blockScrollTarget;    
    function blockScroll(e) {
        blockScrollTarget = blockScrollTarget || $(e.currentTarget);
        var d = blockScrollTarget.data('jsp');
        if(d.getPercentScrolledY() == 1 || d.getPercentScrolledY() == 0) {
          return true;
        if(d.getIsScrollableV()) {
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The above answers didn't work for me. If you are comfortable with editing the plugin source, you can expose the relevant internal methods to the public api:

// Public API


      initMousewheel : function(){
      removeMousewheel : function(){


Now you can conditionally and pragmatically eanable/disable the scrolling of any jscrollpane:

api = $('#full-page-container').data('jsp');
api.removeMousewheel(); // disable
api.initMousewheel(); // enable
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