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Im using a couple of JS functions to set a cookie named 'visible' with the value of either yes or no.

Essentially Im using these values to decide if a <div> is visible or hidden.

I've only just added the cookie, previously I had been using two images 1. Show 2. Hide as a button to hide and show the <div> like this:


<img class="show" title="Show" alt="Show" src="images/show.png" />
<img class="hide" title="Hide" alt="Hide" src="images/hide.png" />


  $("#tool").click(function() {
    $("#wrapper").animate({ opacity: 1.0 },200).slideToggle(200, function() {
     $("#tool img").toggle();

However I have now added the Cookie into the mix:

$("#tool").click(function() { if(get_cookie('visible')== null) { set_cookie('visible','no'); } else { delete_cookie('visible'); } $(".help").slideToggle(); $("#wrapper").animate({ opacity: 1.0 },200).slideToggle(200, function() { $("#slider img").toggle(); }); });

So the .toggle() no longer matches the state of the <div>

When the cookie value = no the show.png should be visible

When the cookie value = yes then the hide.png should be visible

Can anyone suggest how i can ammend this?

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To make things easier I just didn't delete the cookie. And simply set it every time.

$("#tool").click(function () {
    var cookie = get_cookie('visible');
    if (cookie == null) {
        set_cookie('visible', 'no');
        cookie = get_cookie('visible');
    if (cookie.value == 'yes') {
        set_cookie('visible', 'yes');
            opacity: 1.0
        }, 200).slideDown(200, function () {
            $("#tool img").show();

    } else {
        set_cookie('visible', 'no');
            opacity: 1.0
        }, 200).slideUp(200, function () {
            $("#tool img").hide();

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document.getElementsByClassName('show')[0].src = get_cookie('visible') ? 'images/hide.png' : 'images/show.png';
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