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I would like implement spring acl for my object fields.

does anyone has an idea what do i have to implment for it?

for example, i have Purchase object.

i would like admin_role to have read on all the fields, and secretary_role to have read only on username and address field

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Can you clarify at what point you need the security?

If this is part of a webapp, I frequently use stripes security interceptors in combination with spring to control access to what the user sees based on role.

If it's not part of a webapp and you're looking to control what a user can change there's a number of methods available from custom annotations to database control. I've found the project itself usually dictates which path I should follow.

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hi! it's a web application. I use jsf. and i need to secure the object fields that are displayed on the screen. for example, i have an object called worker. i will display a list of workers in a table. if the role that entered is admin_role, he will view all the fields. it the role that entered is a secretary_role, he will view only the name and address field (i don't want him to see the salary of the worker). –  Dejel May 6 '10 at 17:25
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extend org.springframework.security.acls.domain.BasePermission and introduce your own Permission flag (up to 32 bits are supported)

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