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i have a group of radio buttons that are generated on the fly from the db into a partial control then rendered on the page as html and they all have the same name now in firefox and chrome the following code works fine

$(".FlightSelectedRadio").live('click', function() {
    alert("after flight select");
    $("#ToisGarantueedBid").attr("disabled", false);

however in ie it doesnt work on the first select of a radio but only fires if u select something else ? any ideas wat the problem is ?

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Are new radio buttons generated on the fly within the javascript on the page? If not then I'd use $(function() { $(".FlightSelectedRadio").click(function() { alert("after flight select"); $("#ToisGuaranteedBid").attr("disabled", false); }); }); –  Lazarus May 6 '10 at 13:43

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Lazarus, is right! The code you are writing should be executed after JQuery's page ready event fires which can be accomplished in two ways.

1) Like Lazarus

$(function() { 
     // your code here.

2) Or tying in to the document object ready event.

   function() {
       // your code here.
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yeah the radios are getting populated by jquery ajax call, i have managed to get it to work by using the change function isntead thanks for the help

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