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I found HTMLParser for sax and xml.minidom for xml. I have a pretty well formed html so I don't need a too strong parser - any suggestions?

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Take a look at BeautifulSoup. It's popular and excellent at parsing HTML.

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it's not built in if I'm not mistaken –  Guy May 6 '10 at 15:12
No, it's not built-in. But you can easily install it using easy_install or just download from the website and put into PYTHONPATH. Whole BeautifulSoup is contained in a single file, so it's not much of a burden. –  Bartosz May 6 '10 at 15:17

I would recommend lxml. I like BeautifulSoup, but there are maintenance issues generally and compatibility issues with the later releases. I've been happy using lxml.

Later: the best recommendations are to use lxml, html5lib, or BeautifulSoup 3.0.8. BeautifulSoup 3.1.x is meant for python 3.x and is known to have problems with earlier python versions, as noted on the BeautifulSoup website.

Ian Bicking has a good article on using lxml.

ElementTree is a further recommendation, but I have never used it.

2012-01-18: someone has come by and decided to downvote me and Bartosz because we recommended python packages that are easily obtained but not part of the python distribution. So for the highly literal StackOverflowers: "You can use xml.dom.minidom, but no one will recommend this over the alternatives."

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for what it's worth, i tried to parse some HTML using both ElementTree and xml minidom, and they both choked with parse errors in script tags (javascript)! –  Michael Oct 8 at 22:08

To handle DOM objects, you can use HMTLDOM for python.

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