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Is it possible to call a PHP function within an anchor tag. I have a PHP function called logout();

Now I want something similar to this.

<a href="logout();" >Logout</a>

I know with Javascript this works but what is the best approach using PHP function?

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No; PHP is a server side scripting language, so it is inaccessible to the HTML like this. JavaScript can do this, as it is a client-side scripting language.

Since PHP is a server side language, a message (in the form of an HTTP request) must be sent to the server from the browser (the client) for any PHP to be executed - including your PHP function logout.

You have a few options...

Option 1

Follow the hyperlink to a script which executes the logout() function...


<a href="theLogOutScript.php">Logout</a>


   // ...
   // ...

Option 2

Submit a form to a script which executes the logout() function...


<form method="POST" action="theLogOutScript.php">
    <input type="submit" value="Logout" />

Option 3

Use an XMLHttpRequest/AJAX request to communicate with the server. (no sample code provided)

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No, in order to call PHP you will have to make a request back to the server. You will either need to link to another PHP page:

<a href="/logout" >Logout</a>

Or you will have to make a JavaScript AJAX call to a PHP page ("web service") that will perform the logout.

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<a href ='logout.php'>Logout</a>


  ...... your code....      
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You didn't specify the format of your document. If your document format is HTML you'll need to load an external file but if it's .php You can do it by setting your function inside a variable like so:

<?php $myLogout  = logout();?>
<a href="<?php echo $myLogout; ?>">Logout</a>
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What? Did you even read the other answers? This is entirely incorrect. –  dimo414 Feb 18 at 7:44
@dimo414 I've been using this code for years (mostly on wordpress sites) but as you say I could be incorrect, If you could elaborate on why my answer is wrong i'll be happy to read and learn something new. –  davegamez Feb 18 at 19:31
OP is asking how to call a PHP function when a user clicks a link, the same way one would do with JavaScript. The answer, as every other poster has said, is this is not possible because PHP is a server side language. You can of course put the result of a method call in an an <a href="..."> (or anywhere else on the page), but that is not the question. –  dimo414 Feb 18 at 19:38
I see, i misunderstood the question, totally agree thanks for pointing it out! –  davegamez Feb 18 at 19:50

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