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The situation:

I Have a silverlight page with a header menu, a navigation frame and a footer. In my header menu I want to put a drop down menu, but when I open the menu, it goes backward of the frame.

Theres a way to put it forward? Canvas.ZIndex make no difference at all.

thanks in advice

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For me to get this to work, the navigation frame had to be in a grid that was a child of the grid my menu was in.

Like so:

Grid "FullPageGrid"
      Menu Stuff
         Navigation Frame

Not sure why that works, but it does.

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You can use this free opensource menu for this purpose:

It brings the content on top by placing in a Popup control.

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If you can place the drop down menu later in the XAML, it will appear above.

So you want to have this hierarchy:

       Your navigation frame
       The menu
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How its possible navigation is in upper and menu selection is in down like task bar? – nag Jun 19 '12 at 5:32

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