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I'd like to have my Axis2 Web Service read from a configuration file, whose name is sent as a parameter to the service.

Where is the best place to put this file? And How to best access it? Examples welcome.

I've checked the current directory is the Apache/Tomcat/bin file, I could put it in the parent directory, or put it into a Apache/Tomcat/conf, although this looks like it's more reserved for apache configuration itself.

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You don't want to load a configuration file on each request, which means configuration needs to be loaded ideally on startup.

In my experience that leaves you with two choices:

  • Embedded Spring container
  • JNDI

The former approach is described in the Axis2 documentation, the latter approach depends on the appserver/container you're using.

An example if JNDI configuration for jetty is here:

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