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I would like to make a list-detail view with richfaces. There will be a link for every record in the list that should open a new window containing record details. I tried to implement the link this way:

<a4j:commandLink oncomplete="window.open('/pages/serviceDetail.jsf','popupWindow', 'dependent=yes, menubar=no, toolbar=no, height=500, width=400')" actionListener="#{monitoringBean.recordDetail}"  value="details" />         

I use <a4j:keepAlive beanName="monitoringBean" ajaxOnly="false" /> for both the list and the detail page. recordDetail method fills the data of the selected record to a variable of the bean that I would like to display on the detail page.

The problem is that keepalive doesn't work, so I get new bean instance on the detail page every time. So the the previously selected record from the other bean is not accessible here. Is there a way to pass parameter (id) to the detail page to handle record selection. Or is there any way to make keepalive work? (I this this would be the easiest).


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Avoid using window.open(..) - it will fail on most browser configurations nowadays (due to pop-up blocking).

Use <rich:modalPanel> instead.

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