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I use the ajax which sends back a string..

I want to convert the responsetext into a json object to process.

I tried eval and also , but doesn't works...

Wht to do?

My code is

function handleResponse() {
  if(httpa.readyState == 4){
  var response = httpa.responseText;
      var foo = eval('(' +strJSON+ ')');
      alert (foo);

// response alerts

[{"id":"1","name":"Pepsodent 100g","selling_price":"28.75"},{"id":"2","name":"Pepsodent 40g","selling_price":"18.90"},{"id":"3","name":"Pepsodent brush","selling_price":"19.50"}]
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2 Answers

Change strJSON to response.

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means? can u give a sample of code –  Vijay May 6 '10 at 18:20
LOL. var foo = eval('(' + response + ')'); –  Josh May 6 '10 at 18:21
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