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Is there a way to replace inside the DOM of a page using the replace() in javascript

In the source code I want to replace:

<div class="topbar">Bookmark Us</div>


<div class="topbar"><span class="larger-font">Bookmark Us</span></div>

When a Google Chrome extenstion is on the matched website of a URL and it will do the above.

Any page that matches:


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Don't know about how Chrome triggers its extensions, but I can tell you about page content manipulation.

To wrap all the child content of a topbar div in plain JavaScript:

var topbars= document.getElementsByClassName('topbar');
for (var i= topbars.length; i-->0;) {
    var span= document.createElement('span');
    span.className= 'larger-font';
    while (topbars[i].firstChild)

(getElementsByClassName is a relatively new API, but Chrome 3 supports it. For each matching element, move all its children into a new span element, and put that span inside the div.)

Or using jQuery, if you don't mind dragging a great big framework in:

$('.topbar').each(function() {
    $(this).contents().wrapAll('<span class="larger-font"></span>');

Whilst you can operate on HTML as strings, using something like:

for (var i= topbars.length; i-->0;)
    topbars[i].innerHTML= '<span class="larger-font">'+topbars[i].innerHTML+'</span>';

this should in general be avoided, as you will be serialising and re-parsing the entire node contents of the div, in the process destroying any non-serialisable content like JavaScript references, event listeners and form field values.

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+1 for being a correct answer, and for the i-->0; bit in the for loop. It's obviously simple, and nice in its suggestion that i reaches 0, yet I've never seen or thought of using a for condition clause that way. – Max Shawabkeh May 7 '10 at 1:51

What you want is a content script. Set it to be triggered on the URL(s) you want in the manifest, then use Bobince's code to actually apply the manipulations.

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