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In ASP.NET, binding a DataGrid to a list of objects is super-easy.

I end up with a row for each object in the list, and any cell in a given row is bound to a property of the corresponding object.

However, suppose one of the properties of my object is a dictionary, and each is expected to contain a specific key. Is there any way to bind one of my DataGridColumns to that dictionary key?


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If you add a handler for DataGrid.ItemDataBound, you can explicitly set a column value from your Dictionary. The very simplest example:

protected void OnItemDataBound(object sender, DataGridItemEventArgs e)
    myclass mine = (myclass) e.Item.DataItem;

    int cellindex = 5;
    e.Item.Cells[cellindex].Text = mine.mydict["thekey"];
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I am not familiar with the works of the DataGrid bindings but binding in general can be done on any public property. Try binding to Key and Value on the Dictionary

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Another option is to add a property to your class that returns the value for that specific key.

public string TheKey
    get { return MyDictionary["thekey"]; }

(The purists out there might not like the idea of adding a property to your object for this reason, but it makes for a simple solution.)

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That is pleasantly simple, but what if I don't know "thekey" until runtime? –  mcoolbeth May 18 '10 at 14:53

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