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I'm dynamically generating some charts using mod_python, in .png and .pdf formats. When a user points to /some/path/some_imagefile_name.png, I want to show the image within the browser, like in this url. I also want the image to be accessible from an HTML <img src=> tag.

So far, whenever I point my browser to a .png address from my server, the .png and .pdf are automatically downloaded instead of being viewed. How should I fix this?

I tagged this under Apache, since I figured it would be an Apache config thing. If it's not, please point me towards the right direction.

Edit: Whoops, never mind... First, the correct MIME type for .png is image/png not img/png, and second, Chrome automatically downloads all .pdfs.

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what content-type headers does the server send? –  Dormilich May 6 '10 at 20:28
For urls ending in .png, it sends image/png, and for .pdf it sends application/pdf. –  jawonbreed May 6 '10 at 22:18

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Sounds like your python app is adding a Content-Disposition; attachment header when it should not.

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