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I would like to parse this Gstring with groovy :

Format type : Key, Value.

   def txt = """ <Lane_Attributes>
                  </Lane_Attributes> """

And get a map like :

Map = [ID:1, FovCount:600, FovCounted:598]

How can I :
- extract text between tag and ?,
- and convert to a map ?

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Try this:

def map = [:]
txt.replaceAll('<.+>', '').trim().eachLine { line ->
   def parts = line.split(',')
   map[parts[0].trim()] = parts[1].trim().toInteger()
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In my txt file, I have several tags (ex : <Lane_Attributes>, but also <Code_Summary>). I try : def regex = "<$tag>(.*?)</$tag>", but does not work ? Any idea ? Thanks. – Fabien Barbier May 6 '10 at 22:31
   def txt = """ <Lane_Attributes>

                  </Lane_Attributes> """

def map = new HashMap()
def lane = new XmlParser().parseText(txt)

 def content =  lane.text()

content.eachLine {
 line -> 

def dual =  line.split(',')
def key = dual[0].trim()
def val = dual[1].trim() 
//println "key: ${key} value: ${val}"


println "map contains " +  map.inspect() 

//Will print: map contains ["FovCounted":"598", "ID":"1", "FovCount":"600"]

your problem is the fact that the contents between the tags will need to keep the same format throughout or this code will break

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Yes, I need to define different parser for my tags. Indeed, XmlParser will help to find tags name and use the good parser (by contents). Thanks – Fabien Barbier May 6 '10 at 23:20

Some nice groovy regexp examples:

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