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If I have 'export BLA="hey there"' in .profile in my home directory, how can I change this later in other directories just by cd into the other directory? Also, is there a way to just set a new environment variable when I cd into a directory.

My first attempt was to just make another .bashrc file in the directory where I want the change but apparently that proved less than effective.

I'm on OS X btw.

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Why do you need to do this? Just curious.

But you can override cd and do some extra processing in your .bashrc:

cd() {
    builtin cd "$@"
    if [[ `pwd` == '/path/to/dir' ]]; then
        export VAR=blah

After you add that, don't forget to start a new bash shell or source it via:

source ~/.bashrc
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The reason I want to do this is to have different values for variables for different rails apps. The different apps might use the same variables but they need values specific to them. – kjs3 May 7 '10 at 4:12
@kjs3 please mark my answer with a checkmark if you deem it to be "correct" or that it helped you achieve your goal. Thanks! – dlamotte May 7 '10 at 4:17

Building on xyld's answer, this lets you do the scary .bashrc-in-any-directory thing. I'm pretty sure this is a really terrible idea:

cd() {
    builtin cd "$@"
    if [[ -e `pwd`/.supplemental-bashrc ]]; then
        source `pwd`/.supplemental-bashrc
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Hah, yeah, you could definitely do that. Definitely quite scary though – dlamotte May 7 '10 at 2:14

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