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I have an array of default values that I'd like to merge with a Doctrine record. I tried using Doctrine's merge method but it's overwriting existing values with the merge array, even if the merge array contains null values. I'd like to merge in a way that only null or empty values are replaced with existing default values.

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Try this:

    $yourRecord = new YourRecordModel();
    $yourRecord->assignIdentifier(123); // ID of the record to update
    foreach ($yourArray as $key=>$value)
        if (!empty($value))
            $yourRecord[$key] = $value;
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And if you are not creating a new record, you can try setting the default value for the given key (property) using this: $yourRecord->getTable()->getDefaultValueOf($key); –  Mario Awad Jun 28 '11 at 10:44

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