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Symfony 1.4 + Doctrine 1.2.

What is the best way to minimize the number of queries to retrieve products, subcategories of current category, product counts by subcategory and brand for the result set of the query below? Categories are a nested set.

Here is my query:

    $q = Doctrine_Query::create()
    ->select('c.*, p.product,p.price, b.brand')
    ->from('Category c')
    ->leftJoin('c.Product p')
    ->leftJoin('p.Brand b')
    ->where ('c.root_id = ?', $this->category->getRootId())
    ->andWhere('c.lft >= ?', $this->category->getLft())
    ->andWhere('c.rgt <= ?', $this->category->getRgt())

   $treeObject = Doctrine::getTable('Category')->getTree();
    $this->treeObject = $treeObject;

    $this->products = $q->execute();
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How many queries are you doing currently? Also have you got further example code to see what you are doing with the treeObject and products as that will help to figure out where the queries are coming from. –  johnwards May 18 '10 at 14:36
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