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I am new to XMPP. I am using Openfire server, and created a console client using Smack library.

My usecase:
All users anonymous, logged in (In future, website visitors) will be able to see other anonymous, logged-in users. And they can initiate a private chat (one-to-one) with any of them.

So, I am able to logged in as Anonymous user, but I am not able to see other Anon / Logged in users (using Roster), because they are not in anon user's roster.

So, What should be configuration OR custom=component/code to to achieve this usecase?
Do I need to create server component? Any hint? OR
It can be done using proper configuration?


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You should create Multi chat room MUC, and join users after login to this room.After user joins muc room they can get paricipiants list.

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I did the same. But forgot to post the solution here.. Thanks. :-) –  Nachiket May 19 '10 at 10:53

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