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In this page:


I am usign max-width and max-height.

Work fine for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Epiphany, ecc but NOT Internet Explorer.


What solution do you recommend in this case ?

I have to limit max-width of 180px and max-height of 180px.

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IE7 supports max-height/width. Use a DOCTYPE that triggers standards mode and then it will work. –  RoToRa May 7 '10 at 7:37

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Try to add this for IE max-width:

.maxwidth {
            var w = t.parentNode.scrollWidth;
            if (w != t.w) {
                t.w = w;
                var max = parseInt(t.currentStyle['max-width'], 10);
                t.style.width = 'auto';
                if (t.scrollWidth > max) {
                    t.style.width = max;
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The aforementioned solutions will work to implement max-width/height in IE, but just wanted to mention that if performance is an issue, you might want to look into generating actual thumbnail images instead of relying on HTML/CSS sizing.

Thumbnails would result in a smaller filesize, and you could potentially crop them to improve your visual direction. It would also get around the need for JavaScript and/or the negative performance implications of CSS Expressions.

Might not be feasible from a maintenance standpoint, but I figured I would mention it...

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Check out this resource: Max width workaround for IE 6+. Note that it won't work for users with Javascript disabled.

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have a look at this hack - I dont think IE supports max-width properly


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The link is gone! –  Marco Demaio Jan 31 '12 at 18:31

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