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I'm looking for nice icons for my webapplications. Some of these applications are commercial applications. I want to polish them up by using nice looking icons, but where do I find specific icons/grafics?

Does anybody know a icon shop, that allows me to buy single icons for commercial use? Payable via paypal or credit card.

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http://www.iconfinder.com has a lot of icons (with different licenses)

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These two sites provide some nice icons.

http://dryicons.com - some free / some to purchase

http://www.iconpot.com/ - free icons



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you can also buy them on www.istockphoto.com most are in packs but you can contact the designers by clicking their names and getting their details for single icons.

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Did you know Visual Studio comes with a library of images and icons? See C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\Common7\VS2010ImageLibrary.

Visual Studio Image Library on MSDN.
A blog post, Tips and Tricks: Visual Studio 2010 Image Library.

Maybe you can find something useful there before getting out the creditcard. :)

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http://www.icojoy.com/ Not my, but my friends. They can make icons to order if you want.

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I finally found this site: http://www.777icons.com

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