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Im new att widgets, but i have manage to write my own widget and get it to display correctly in my theme. The only problem i have now is that i want the widget to "auto activate" in the sidebar. So when the theme is installed on any wordpress installation the widget should be active so the user dosent need to drag it to the sidebar in admin.

Is that possible?

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Yes and no. You can build it as a default widget to be included in the sidebar if no other widgets are there. But if the sidebar is truly widget-ready and the administrator pops a new sidebar widget into the lineup, things will automatically switch over to use the admin's specified settings (the list of widgets they've manually added to the sidebar).

So yes, you can set it up as a default. But no, you can't make it auto-activate.

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Thank you for claerify this :) – Erik Larsson Jun 3 '10 at 7:42

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