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Does every Linux server support JSP files?

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To be able to run JSPs (Java Server Pages) you need to have a Java servlet container or Java EE application server running on the server. That's not something that's installed and running by default on any Linux server; the administrator has to have set it up.

A commonly used servlet container is Apache Tomcat.

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There is a JSP (servlet) container available for every Linux distribution I've ever heard of, yes; most distros I've installed have not installed one by default, but have made one or more available in their package repositories so installing one is easy (e.g., apt-get install tomcat5.5 or similar).

People typically use Tomcat, or JBoss, or Resin, etc. There's quite a list of application servers on the Wikipedia page for J2EE.

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Short answer: No. Slightly longer answer: definitely not out of the box (not every server), but adding support should be possible in most if not all cases. Caveat: if by linux server you mean some virtual hosting plan, then probably no, unless specified otherwise.

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For More reference, see this links


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