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For music there is the Gracenote CDDB SDK, etc. but does an online service exist for getting information about movies?

The only solution i can see at the minute is querying IMDB and scraping the page.

The problem i have is that i have a list of film titles and i want to retrieve stuff like the plot, director, cast, when released, get dvd cover art, etc..

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Please leave the tags as they are, this question applies to all online movie databases or api's NOT just IMDB. Ta. –  Gary Willoughby May 7 '10 at 10:41
Guys you can check this question stackoverflow.com/questions/1966503/does-imdb-provide-an-api more information are there –  Ruslan Aug 22 '12 at 5:26

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TMDB has an API, I havn't tried it.


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TMDB APIs are really difficult to use and the documentation is not good enough. I prefer the ones from Rotten Tomatoes. –  Nicolaesse Jul 26 '14 at 10:09

Rottentomatoes is the best I've found


I found IMDB to be very limiting. Some API wrappers provide HTML scraping, but that is slow and probably against their TOS. Their plain text data dump is missing a lot of information like extended cast data.

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Can you please edit your answer to clarify that the RT API cannot be used for creating derivative works i.e. offline movie database. Source developer.rottentomatoes.com/API_Terms_of_Use –  Cool_Coder Dec 28 '14 at 14:44

You can try using the API at http://www.themoviedb.org/. Now at version 3. I have used this API and it is very good.

Flixster/Rotten Tomatoes also offers an API: http://developer.rottentomatoes.com/. I have played around with their API and it looks very good as well.

I hope this helps.

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As far as i know IMDB offers a downloadable copy of the database (with some restrictions).

See http://www.imdb.com/help/show_leaf?usedatasoftware for details

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I am using Rotten tomatoes engine and it's very good, fast and consistent. Only thing is it doesn't have a very good way to get trailers if you want to play it on mobile devices. But, http://docs.themoviedb.apiary.io V3 looks really good and also has a feature to pull trailers.

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I have downloaded the app from Coolector.com. It has regular updates and although it suggests registration and payment of a licence fee the fully operational app can be used for free. It has in excess of 110,000 film detailed as of today, 22/10/13. My only criticism is that it lacks character names against artist.

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ANDISTON.COM has some really awesome data. no api key needed.

Imdb data
Rotten tomatoes data
Url to Youtube trailer
Torrent information 
    Url to torrent page
    Url to torrent
Url to streaming movie
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there is also the http://www.omdbapi.com/ service which gives you a json result with imdb and rottentomatoes ratings etc

ex. http://www.omdbapi.com/?i=tt2431286&tomatoes=true

( another service would be http://www.the-numbers.com
there though one would have to screenscrape ..
they sell the api under http://www.opusdata.com )

( one possibly interesting query would be to look at revenue and budget .. the divergence of the declation in the different dbs - and to create a quotient thereof and relate it to ratings .. compare domestic against international etc. )

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If you're using a Mac, you can try Subler or Meta Z or iDentify. Subler will try find all of the information for a movie from the Movie DB or from iTunes, while Meta Z and iDentify will try to find all of the information for movies you've drop them into.

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