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Is there a jQuery plugin which can check our code before launch it ?


I write this :


The plugin will show me some message like 'parse error line ...' because I forgot a period


function test() {

Message: The tet() function doesn't exist.

EDIT: or maybe it could be some Firefox plugin ?

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jQuery is not a programming language. JavaScript is the language you're coding in. –  Andy E May 7 '10 at 11:19

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This can't be a plugin because if you have syntax errors in your code, the browser will stop execution and show an error. JSLint is an online service you could use to validate your javascript.

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And if we wrap our code in a validation function ? And if the code is valid: document.write(our code) else alert('some errors ...'); What do you think ? BTW : I already know JSLint but it's not efficient when you are coding... But useful when you have finished coding... –  aurelien May 7 '10 at 11:34

In addition to the above suggestions, you may also want to look at jQuery-lint - a script that checks your jQuery codes as they run and report incorrect or suboptimal usage usage of the jQuery API.

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As 'Darin Dimitrov' said jQuery is not a language to have some special syntax but it is a javascript library so the syntax validation should be done against javascript

If you are using a IDE like Eclipse there are javascript plugins like spket, aptana which will help you to find out some syntax errors

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