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How can I correct the problem I keep getting from the code below which states 'user_id' in where clause is ambiguous. Thanks for the help in advance.

Here is the mysql table.

SELECT user.*, user_info.* 
FROM user 
INNER JOIN user_info ON user.user_id = user_info.user_id
WHERE user_id='$user_id'
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You simply need to specify which user_id to use, since both the user_info and user table have a field called user_id:

... WHERE user.user_id='$user_id'

SQL wouldn't tolerate this ambiguity, since for what it knows, both fields can represent totally different data.

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The solution is to select each column explicitly everywhere. Don't use user.* and user_info.* in your select list, either:

SELECT u.user_id, u.user_fudge,,
FROM user u
INNER JOIN user_info ui
    ON ui.user_id = u.user_id
WHERE u.user_id = '$user_id';
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This isn't really a correct solution to the problem, it just relies on selecting a single user_id column to resolve the ambiguity. I personally prefer the more general solution of specifying the table in the WHERE clause, i.e. WHERE u.user_id = '$user_id' – defines May 7 '10 at 12:19
Thanks. Typographical error. Corrected. – Dave Markle May 7 '10 at 12:32

You should be mention alias name of your column and assign to user_id like

SELECT user., user_info. FROM user as u INNER JOIN user_info as ui ON u.user_id = ui.user_id WHERE u.user_id='$user_id'

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