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after processing my first steps in working with XML in java I am now at the point where I want to update some data in my XML/GPX file...

Reaplacing it in my "Document" data type works great :)

How here comes the question: how can I store the changed "document"-model back to my file? Do I have to do this by using the standart file-functions (via steams and so on) oder is the a more elegant way to do this? ;-)

Here's the code I already worked out, maybe that could help. (the method getParsedXML is just puting the conversion from the file into an extra method)

                Document tmpDoc = getParsedXML(currentGPX);

            //XML Parsind tests:
            // Access to tag attribute <tag attribut="bla">

            // Access to the value of an child element <a><CHILD>ValueOfChild</CHILD></a>

            // Replacing access to tag attribute

            // Replacing access to child element value
            tmpDoc.getElementsByTagName("wpt").item(0).getChildNodes().item(5).setTextContent("Cala Sant Vicenç - Mallorca 2");
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Unofrtunately the Java XML APIs are mainly made for parsing XML, but are strangely missing an obvious API to store XML in a file.

You can do it by using the XSL transformation API as in this example.

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hi, thank you, this might not be the moste legant solution, but it works ;-) – poeschlorn May 7 '10 at 13:20

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