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It seems to me that "session" scope is another means to keep objects in session as

using setAttrubute / getAttribute


You know, dont know why, it does not work for me.

<bean id="sabreUser" class="util.MyUser" factory-method="getSomeUser" scope="session">

<const args...>

What I see is that after the initialization and initial deploy the MyUser properties are correct.

Then, in the first session I change MyUser property, the session is closed.

The second session runs and it sees the last set value from the previous session!

What does that mean?

I expect this object to be initialized whenever a new session starts. But it better looks as singleton, though you see - "session" attribute is set.

I can see the cause of the problem in that a Servlet's fields is initialized with @Autowired so, once it is initialized, every other session will see its fields set and does not "ReWire" this properties. It happens once? How to overcome this problem?

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where are these methods setProperty / getProperty ? –  Bozho May 7 '10 at 13:18
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The Spring session does not exactly match the HttpSession, and even the Spring documentation on the @SessionAttributes annotation says that it might be stored in the session or "some conversational storage". I got that from The Spring docs for 2.5 I've basically quit trying to make sense of it, and just got on with my life, if I want something stored in the HttpSession, I just have Spring inject the HttpSession to me, assuming you're using Spring MVC its pretty easy, instructions on the same page.

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Session-scoped beans are beans that live throughout the http session. They are stored in the session via setAttribute in some way.

So - yes.

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Session scoped beans are stored in Http Session by Spring framework. This scope is valid only in the context of Web application.It also works for Portlet envionments . When using in Portlet environment, there are two notions of session, application scope and portlet scope (default).

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