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Hello Word :) Somebody can help me in finding an "online - ordering" component for joomla . That can contain the following function :

  1. Possibility of creating Form with pages like RS!Form
  2. Uploading Files
  3. Supporting Payment Gateways like PayPal , MasterCard , WebMoney , YandexMoney ,Money Bookers , Google Checkout ... more )
  4. Saving data in database. A friendly control panel where admin can check statistics , income and expenditure, including offline transactions, and report on the data . A good example , for what I'm looking , is this component http://www.nbill.co.uk/ , but is to expensive and complicated .

I'll be happy fore some links or advices :) . Thank a Lot ! for all who are trying to help me ! And sorry for my bad English :-)

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Hmm... not sure if this is supposed to go in answer or comment but you might find this useful


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I would use virtue mart for a fully customizable component solution that's open and has lots of support. However you could just use a form that will post the url/title to the page when processing the other data as a non-payment solution (I think chrono forms does this and is free). I use breezing form for an online ordering system that does not require payment, just ordering.

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